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A picture is worth a thousand words. A 3D model tells more than a thousand pictures.


Unlike the beginning of the history of 3D modeling, when it was reserved only for the industry of very expensive products, nowadays 3D models and 3D modeling can be found in the smallest workshops, and even with DIY enthusiasts. Initially, 3D models were used to produce parts on CNC machines and for FEM calculation methods. Nowadays, 3D models have a much wider use; they are used to model not only the most expensive assemblies and machines, but cheap products, too. 3D models are no longer used only in mechanical engineering and construction, but you can also find them in medicine, film industry, video games, etc. Due to the vast use of 3D models, we have decided to publish some of our 3D models in this category and offer them to you for free. We have used NURBS and polygonal mesh 3D software, so you will have adequate file formats available. The NURBS 3D models will be normally downloadable in IGES, STEP and 3DS file formats, and polygonal mesh in BLEND, OBJ or STL file formats. The 3D models you can download here can be used not only for production on CNC machines and 3D printers, but also as design elements in some of your more complex projects. We do not sell our 3D models so the vast majority of them are 3D models only, i.e., they have no texture, rendering, rigging, etc.

All our 3D models are free for personal use, and if you want to use them commercially, make sure your 3D model license allows you to do so. All 3D models you can download here are under Creative commons attribution licenses.  We do not allow publishing of our 3D models on other websites and other media without our permission. There is another category on our website where you can download free 3D models; it is called “Projects Modeled With FreeCAD”, and in it you will find free 3D models created in FreeCAD 3D software. These are 3D models that were made while we were drawing plans in the above software that can be found in the “Free Projects” category.

All our 3D models have been categorized; in order to access individual 3D models, check out the category list below and click on the appropriate title or image. This will give you access to the chosen category where you will see an image and the name of each 3D model in it. Each 3D model in the category has its own page where you will find a description of the 3D model, 3D software in which the 3D model has been drawn, available file formats, download links, license and its image.


For the “3D Classic Ornaments” category it can be said that it contains mostly reliefs of ornaments whose beauty has been confirmed throughout history.

In the “3D Decorative Elements” category, 3D models that can be used as decoration in a variety of ways are published.

Anyone who needs 3D models of various hand tools in their work does not have to spend time modeling them, but can easily download them from this free collection of 3D hand tool models.

In this collection, 3D models of objects will be published, i.e., 3D models of material things that take up space or, to put it more clearly, things that can be seen or touched.

If you like 3D printing, we recommend that you take a look at the 3D models in this collection, and if you like any of them, feel free to download and print it.

In Animal 3D models category you can download animal 3D models, 3D models of individual animal parts and 3D models of animal bas-reliefs.

In the “Architectural Elements” category, various 3D models related to architecture are published.

In the “CNC Engraving 3D Models” category you can find free 3D models suitable and partly prepared for production on CNC engraving machines.

In this category we will be publishing 3D models of flowers and rosettes, as well as reliefs of various floral 3D ornaments.

In this category you can find 3D models of furniture and and various 3D models of furniture decorations.

This category is meant for all of you who need quality 3D models of the human body and its parts.

In this category you can download 3D models of various types of jewelry such as pendants (for necklaces, earrings ...), rings, brooches etc. …

In this category, we will be publishing math art 3D models, as well as 3D models that you can use to create them yourself.

In this category, we will be posting 3D models of various mathematical surfaces that are either interesting in appearance or can serve to model something useful or interesting.

In this pattern category, we will be placing all 3D models generated using generative design or parametric design by 3D modeling approach, i.e., 3D models generated using various algorithms and 3D CAD software.

This category is intended for 3D models of polyhedra. A polyhedron is a solid bounded by four or more polygons (also called faces) whose edges are line segments.

In this category you can find 3D models of various 3D shapes created in TopMod (Topological mesh modeling software) or Blender graphics software.