If you like 3D printing, we recommend that you take a look at the 3D models in this collection, and if you like any of them, feel free to download and print it.

This collection contains only a small number of 3D printable models, i.e., the collection offers 3D models that we have selected and partially prepared for printing. If you, however, haven't found the 3D model you are looking for, check out the other collections as well, as there are many more 3D models that are also suitable for 3D printing.

All 3D models in this collection are 3D printer-ready: they are well drawn, with a correct mesh, oriented in the positive direction of the Z-axis, and recorded in .stl file format. They are not hollowed, and it is up to you to scale them to the desired dimensions before printing. If you prefer to prepare 3D models for printing yourselves, we recommend that you download .obj or one of the NURBS file formats. The positive thing for all 3D printing enthusiasts is that now there are free 3D modeling and 3D print preparation software, and the only expense is to buy a 3D printer.

Nowadays, there are a number of open source 3D printers that you can either make or buy a cheap kit with all the parts and assembly instructions. If you are interested in the software you need for 3D design and 3D printing, we have found them for you - just visit the page: Free CAD/CAM/CAE/PDM software; if you want to create a 3D printer yourselves, we recommend that you have a look at the list of ‘Free and Open Source 3D Printers’. All 3D models in this collection are free of charge for personal use, and some of them are commercially available. Each 3D model is licensed, and if you want to use it commercially, first make sure it is allowed by the license.

We will try to offer both file formats (NURBS i polygonal mesh) for as many 3D models as possible, but unfortunately it is not up to us alone. 3D printing usually uses the .stl polygonal mesh file format. In this category, all 3D models will be available in .stl file format, and if you want to print a 3D model from other categories, you can easily transform both NURBS and quad mesh 3D models into .stl file format using a large number of free 3D software packages (FreeCAD, Blender, Wings 3D...). Over time, we will be releasing more and more 3D print-ready models here, and we encourage you to visit our site now and then, and check out what's new.


On this page you can download a detailed and ready for printing 3D model of an African elephant.

Here you can download a cylinder-based 3D model that you can import into 3D printing software and print it if you like.

Making your own drawer pulls is a fast way to add an unique touch to your furniture projects. On this page you can download eighteen 3D models of drawer pulls.

This is the 3D model of female hand created in Blender 3D graphics software and transformed to NURBS 3D surface.

If you like unusual math art models, in the picture you can see one that originated in TopMod software based on an octahedron.

On this page you can download a printing ready 3D model of the little house that is often seen in cartoons or children’s books and comic books.

This is a 3D model head of one of the Moai monolithic sculptures which are located on the outer slopes of the Rano Raraku Volcano.