On this page you can download a 3D model that we named „Central 3D design for the frame“.

It is a circular 3D design (or circular 3D border) made in Art Nouveau style. The design is drawn in the center of the disk, if you delete the disk you will get the frame design. In the center of the design, there is an empty space in which you can insert some text, ornament, design or the like in it. This 3D design has been created in 3D CAD Rhinoceros software and modeled using NURBS surface modeling commands. For its modeling, we have used a  previously drawn 2D design that can be downloaded here: Art Nouveau design for the frame


Central 3D design for the frame
3D model category
3D CAD software used for modeling

Rhino 3D

Available NURBS and BREP file formats

.stp (Standardized 3D graphic exchange file format) and .3dm (Rhino 3D native file format)


As you can see, both the 2D design and this 3D model consist of one design element that has been rotated four times. If you are into 2D and 3D drawing, borders of different shapes can be formed using this one design element.  This 3D design is simple and universal because it can be used to decorate both square and circular surfaces, it can be a frame within which the main motif is found, or it can be a central simple frame representing only a small part of a more complex decoration. You can make a corner design or semicircular design from it .... It all depends on your creativity.


Submitted by Ceh Jan