Egg cup 3D model

Egg cup 3D modelThis is a simple 3D model of a wooden egg cup (egg server).
An egg cup is a dishware for serving a boiled egg in its shell. Egg cups are made of all kinds of materials: wood, ceramics, metal, plastic or glass. They are often used (mainly in Europe) in hotels and restaurants, but also at home when we want to give the table a slightly ceremonial touch. In the United States they are rarely used - most Americans have never heard of the egg cup, but in classic European hotels you will find it to be an inevitable item. Actually, the egg cup is nothing new to the table. Archaeological findings prove that it was practically used centuries before Christ. Today there are even collectors of egg cups.  
Dimensions of the egg cup: 70mm (2 3/4') x 61,5mm (2 13/32')
This 3D model can be downloaded in the following file formats: stp (STEP) and stl (stereolithography).
For those who want to make this egg cupr on the lathe, a 2D drawing is available in dwg and PDF format. 
If you want to make your egg cup on a lathe, you can use wood types such as: olive wood, birch, maple, fruit woods...
As the egg cup has a largely decorative function, select a nicely-patterned wood. And since it does not come into direct contact with food (the egg is served in its shell), it is not crucial for the finishing to be food grade. 
Egg Cup 3D Model is under Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 3.0 Unported license.