Here you can download a quality 3D model of the female torso.

‘Torso’ is an anatomical term for the upper part of the human body, with the exception of the head and limbs. This 3D model has been created with MakeHuman software. Makehuman is an open source 3D computer graphics software designed for the modeling of 3D photo realistic humanoids.


Female torso 3D model
3D model category
3D CAD software used for modeling

MakeHuman (creating 3D polygonal mesh model) + Rhino 3d/T-splines (converting polygonal mesh into NURBS 3D model)

Available NURBS and BREP file formats

.stp (Standardized 3D graphic exchange file format) and .3dm (Rhinoceros software native file format)

Available polygonal mesh file formats

.stl ( "stereolithography" - Standard Triangle Language)

Geometry: Mesh - only triangles; Vertices: 101547; Edges: 304635; Faces: 203090; The 3D model is modeled in real scale; Mesh does not have any degenerate faces, non manifold edges, naked edges, duplicate faces...


Doing a 3D graphic project, we were in need for a 3D female torso model, and a special request was to create it using NURBS (Non-uniform rational B-spline). Since NURBS 3D CAD software makes it extremely difficult to draw such complex (so-called organic) 3D models, and since polygonal mesh 3D software requires a little artistic talent for modeling, which we do not have, we decided to find free software for modeling the human body and create the model with it. That is how we discovered great software for this purpose while searching the Internet called MakeHuman. Since all software like this, and MakeHuman is no exception, is a polygonal mesh, it was necessary to transform the 3D torso model into one of the NURBS file formats. First a model of the entire female body was imported into Rhino 3D software, next it was modified (transformed into a torso, i.e., the limbs and the head were deleted), and then turned into NURBS surfaces, which made it possible to save the 3D model in the desired NURBS file format. Nowadays, there is a large number of free, quality 3D graphics software programs that can save you a lot of money. If you take a look at this 3D female torso model, you can see that MakeHuman software creates quality 3D models of the human body that can be exported to various other 3D software.


Download 3D model (polygonal mesh)

Submitted by Ceh Jan