In this category you can download 3D models of various types of jewelry such as pendants (for necklaces, earrings ...), rings, brooches etc. …

Depending on the modeling method, the following file formats will be available for download: NURBS (3DM, STEP, IGES...) and/or Polygonal mesh (BLEND, STL, OBJ...). For each piece of jewelry a picture of the completed 3D model will be published, noting that little attention will be paid to rendering.

All 3D models are licensed under Creative Commons Attribution licenses, so be sure to check what conditions are stipulated, in particular whether the jewelry 3D models are allowed for commercial use.


Here you can download five 3D models that can be used for making necklace pendants, key rings, earrings and the like.

Here you can download 3D models of two pendants that are very attractive because they have a Voronoi-based shape.

This is a collection of 3D models of various gemstone cuts, i.e., gemstone shapes.

Here you can download a simple 3D model of the Maori Koru pendant.  By adjusting the dimensions of this 3D model, you can make a nice necklace pendant.

This is a simple 3D pendant model that was created while we were gaining practice in Rhinoceros 3D CAD software.


From these 3D models, master models for casting, molds for cold casting plastics or softer metals can be made with CNC machines. Also, CNC engraving machines can be used, especially when it comes to jewelry making. From all of the above it is easy to conclude that with the given 3D models you will be able to produce jewelry either in batches or individually (one-off).

In this category you will find only a small share of the 3D models that are suitable for jewelry making. Therefore, if you like to make jewelry using computer technology, we recommend that you search the entire “Free 3D Models” category. If you are into jewelry production, search our Free Patterns Category - you may find some interesting designs there.

Hopefully, you will find a 3D model of a jewelry that you need in this collection, or simply feel inspired by what it is offering.