Turned wooden candle holder 3D model

Turned wooden candle holder 3D modelHere you can dowload 3D model of a wooden candle holder. The 3D models (stp i 3dm file formats) available here are meant for all those who deal with 3D modeling; for those who want to make this candle holder - 2D drawings in dwg CAD or PDF file formats are available. The candle holder consists of two parts which are called pillar and base. The pillar holds the candle, and the base part serves for the wax that does not burn to drip onto. The candle holder, unlike the candle stick, is very convenient for carrying lighted candles as the wax will drip onto the base and not onto the floor. 
Dimensions of the candle holder: 92mm (3 5/8') x 152,5mm (6')
Turned Wooden Candle Holder 3D model is under Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 3.0 Unported license.
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