Albert Einstein Vector Pattern

Albert Einstein Vector Portrait

Black and white vector portrait of the famous German-born theoretical physicist Albert Einstein.
Albert Einstein was one of the greatest scientists in human history. He was a theoretical physicist who formulated the Special Theory of Relativity which, together with quantum mechanics, is the basis of modern physics.
Although he gained fame for his Special Theory of Relativity (today, his famous equation E = mc2 is most widely known), he was awarded the Nobel Prize for his explanation of photoelectric effect in 1921.
During his lifetime (died in 1955, at the age of 76), he wrote more than 300 scientific papers in the field of physics and more than 150 books and articles in the field of history and philosophy of science. In addition to his major contribution to development of physics, Einstein is considered one of the most popular scientists among the broad masses. We have drawn the vector portrait of Einstein on the basis of his famous photograph, most probably taken during an interview. The vector is very well-drawn, so that his face is faithfully depicted and easily recognizable.
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