Antefix in the form of a palmette band pattern

Antefix in the form of a palmette band patternAntefix is an architectural detail, a vertical embossed plaque placed at the lowest parts of the roof, whose role is to facilitate water runoff. In Ancient Greece and Rome it was a very common architectural element that had both a practical and decorative role.
On this page you can download an antefix band pattern with a palmette ornamental motif.
The palmette is a fan-shaped decorative motif consisting of stylized palm leaves. It used to be very common in Ancient Egyptian art, Ancient Greece and Rome, as well as all periods of art and architecture that looked up to Antiquity  (renesansa, klasicizam...). This antefix pattern is based on an image found in a catalogue of plaster decorations from the early 20th century. 
We have also drawn a 3D model of the pattern and you can download it here: Palmette band 3D model
The pattern has been drawn with high precision, and it will probably be very useful to everyone who needs antique motifs and decorations.
License: Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 3.0 Unported 
Antefix band pattern can be easily downloaded in CAD (.dwg) and vector (.svg and .eps) file formats by clicking on the appropriate link below.