If you like Arab decorative art, the arabesque frieze pattern we have offered here will surely please you.

As stated in the old book where we have found it, it is a crown arabesque frieze (‚coronation of the door of the sysaryeh gama minbar; the original text below the arabesque image is in French). ’Arabesque’ is the European name for complex Islamic patterns and ornaments consisting of geometric and floral patterns. Arabesques most often consist of intricately intertwined stalks, leaves, flowers, buds, straight lines ... and in arabesque we can often see calligraphic elements. Arabesques can come in many shapes, including repeating or band arabesques.


Arabesque frieze
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The arabesque frieze that you can see in the picture has exceptional beauty and since it is a stencil band pattern, you can use it for decorating an elongated rectangular surface of any length. Arab decorative artists were real experts in drawing arabesques of extraordinary beauty and complexity, and to give you an idea of ​​what this arabesque really looked like, we have painted it with the same colors as shown in the old book.

We have paid a lot of attention to drawing, i.e., we have imported the arabesque image into 2D CAD software and hand-traced it very carefully. All curves in the arabesque are smooth and all cusps (where the ends of two curves touch) are converted into a radius that is tangent to both curves. This way, a well-drawn arabesque has been obtained, and if it could be seen by artists who created it a long time ago, we believe they too would like to have 2D CAD software at their disposal.

If you know where to use such complex foliage frieze ornaments, feel free to download this arabesque; we kindly ask you to abide by the terms of the license. Accurate drawing of arabesques of this complexity is not difficult, but it is time consuming, so we hope that you will truly appreciate our effort to have made it available to you!


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Submitted by Ceh Jan


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