Architectural meander borders

This is a collection of eight meander border patterns. A meander motif (also known as Greek key or Greek fret) is a decorative pattern created from a continuous line, shaped into a repeated pattern. Meander motif symbolizes infinity or the eternal flow of things.

To be able to make a rectangular border of any dimensions from these meander patterns, you have to import them into vector or 2D CAD software.As you can see in the picture, meander borders are drawn as corner patterns and, in order to use them, you have to cut out repeating segments (horizontal, vertical and corner segment), from which it is then easy to form a rectangular border using the commands in vector or 2D CAD software. We, too, could have done the job, but then we would only offer you a certain size of the rectangular border pattern; also, the pattern details in the pictures would not be as visible as they are now. In this way, with the meander borders drawn as shown above, you can easily form rectangular borders of any dimensions. In addition, these border patterns can be used to form meander band patterns. If you are in need for such patterns, please find a few more that have been drawn for you in our Band Patterns collection.

Architectural meander borders are available as usually in Autodesk (dwg) format, Encapsulated PostScript (eps) format and Scalable Vector Graphics (SVG) format.

License: Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 3.0 Unported

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