Ceiling medallion 2D design

Ceiling medallion 2D design

Here you can download 2D design that can be used to create a ceiling medallion. The ceiling medallion (or ceiling rose) is a decorative element most commonly attached to the ceiling where the chandelier is hung, i.e., it is glued in a position between the ceiling and the chandelier. Most often it is circular in shape, and the chandelier is attached to its center. The ceiling medallion can also be a completely separate decoration on the wall or ceiling. It can be made of various materials, but today it is mostly made of styrofoam. 

This design of ceiling medallion is based on a picture found on the Internet. As you can see, it is a simple circular design that can serve a variety of other purposes: for various graphic or 3D projects, to create furniture decoration, etc. 

With this 2D design, we have also created a 3D model (see on page Ceiling medallion 3D model).

Ceiling medallions, by the way, can have different dimensions; also, they can be as simple as ours or of extremely complex ornamental appearance. Nowadays, they are not used as often because they are difficult to match with modern furniture with simple lines. However, if you have a classic interior, consider making (or buying) ceiling medallions. By choosing the right appearance and dimensions, they could break the monotony of the ceiling and give it a nice decorative touch.


Ceiling medallion 2D design can be used within commercial and non-commercial design projects. License: Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 3.0 Unported


Like all 2D designs on our website, this 2D design can be downloaded in 2D CAD (DWG) and vector (EPS and SVG formats) file formats.

Ceiling medallion 2D design - .dwg format (47.38 Kb)

Ceiling medallion 2D design - .eps format (147.81 Kb)

Ceiling medallion 2D design - .svg format (82.57 Kb)