Chip carving rosette pattens

Chip carving rosette pattensHere you can download a collection of 21 patterns intended for lovers of chip carving wood decorating techniques.


All the patterns in the collection are of a simple design and are drawn using 2D CAD software. The collection contains 15 star-shaped rosettes with different number of prongs, and the remaining 6 rosettes have twisted prongs, i.e., they consist of a different number of swirls. These are very simple patterns which can be used to decorate various items with chip carving technique, and can also be used to practice chip carving technique itself. At first glance, they are very simple, but if you combine them with different types of chip carving patterns, quite interesting and complex chip carving patterns can be created.

By the way, 2D CAD software can be a big help to lovers of chip carving technique, and all these rosettes are very easy to draw in it. Use a printer to print a rosette of desired dimensions on paper, and then transfer it to a workpiece. By using 2D CAD software to draw chip carving patterns, you will achieve both great precision and speed - the ability to quickly change the pattern design, and looking at it on the screen rather than in wood will allow you to always be satisfied with the pattern design.

Of course, these rosettes are not dedicated to lovers of chip carving technique only, but can serve many different purposes. Basically, we called this collection ‘Chip Carving Rosette Patterns’, but if you ask graphic designers, this is just a collection of 21 simple circular design elements consisting of stars or circularly arranged swirls.

These rosette pattens are available in three different vector file formats: 2D CAD (dwg) and (eps and svg)


License: Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 3.0 Unported.


Have fun using these free patterns in your carving projects!


Chip carving rosette pattens - .dwg 2D CAD file format (96.76 KB)


Chip carving rosette pattens - .eps vector file format (97.98 KB)


Chip carving rosette pattens - .svg vector file format (142.88 KB)