Collection of 39 Celtic knot patterns

Collection of 39 Celtic knot patternsThis is the collection of 39 Celtic knot patterns in vector and 2D CAD formats.

Celtic knot patterns belong to interlaced patterns and types and vary from simple to very complex. Common for them is that they are composed of interlaced loops. Great use of Celtic knot begins during early Christianity in Ireland when the writers of manuscripts inspired by pagan Celtic patterns began to decorate the empty spaces of manuscripts. The most famous examples are the illuminated manuscript Gospel Books "The Book of Durrow" and "The Book of Kells", in them you can find many beautiful Celtic knots patterns, interlaced animal patterns, spiral patterns and so on. Unique for the Celtics knot patterns is that they can be drawn within any shape but most commonly we can see that form a rectangle, square, circle, cross, Greek Cross, etc. Because of the beauty and versatility of the Celtic knot patterns they are still very popular today for decorating objects.

All Celtic knot patterns in our collection are accurately drawn using a grid and all geometric elements of patterns are lines and arcs. On the internet it is quite easy to find tutorials on how to create them by yourself. If you do not have time to learn, you can download a free application for creating Celtic knot patterns called Knotter. Celtic knot patterns can be very easily  drawn  by using 2D CAD or vector graphics applications. From experience we can say that the non-parametric 2D CAD applications are more suitable for drawing Celtic knot patterns, because 2D CAD applications have more advanced commands for drawing geometry in relation to applications for vector graphics. Parametric 2D CAD applications are also suitable for drawing Celtic knot patterns but drawing is more complicated than in the non-parametric 2D CAD drawing applications.

We hope you like our collection of Celtic knot patterns and you will find one that suits you, thus saving you valuable time.

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