Collection of ancient Egyptian band patterns

Collection of ancient Egyptian band patternsOn this page you can download a collection of 22 ancient Egyptian band patterns.

All the patterns are taken from old books whose subject matter was the study of art history. The art of the ancient Egyptians dealt with symbols, religion and their history. The specific thing is that it did not change or develop throughout most of the existence of the Ancient Egyptian culture. Mostly used colors were red, blue, yellow, green, black and white and they were not mixed to obtain different shades, but remained pure. If you wish to paint these patterns on your own and in an authentic style, you will have to take into account the previous sentence.
The Egyptians used to draw forms (motifs) on their patterns that had symbolic meaning:

- The lotus plant – the symbol of plenty
- The papyrus – the symbol of intelligence and knowledge
- The winged globe or disk – denoting dominion or protection
- The scarabeus – the symbol of resurrection or immortality
- The asp – denoting wisdom etc.
- zigzag line – the symbol  of the Nile
- the wave scroll – denoting water in motion, etc.

In the picture on the right you can see all the patterns that are found in this collection, as well as the  ways how the above symbols were used.

Just as always when repetitive patterns are drawn, the file contains unpainted segments of all the patterns with which you can create a pattern by copying.

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Like all 2D designs on our website, these ancient Egyptian band patterns can be downloaded in the 2D CAD (DWG) and vector (EPS and SVG formats) file formats.

Collection of ancient Egyptian band patterns - .dwg file format (730.05 KB)

Collection of ancient Egyptian band patterns - .eps file format (2.27 MB)

Collection of ancient Egyptian band patterns - .svg file format (3.58 MB)