Collection of floral band designs

Collection of floral band designs
This is the collection of 9 floral band designs in 2D CAD (.dwg) and vector (.eps and .svg) file formats. 
All 9 patterns are a few hundred years old, and they have been discovered in some books with the themes of furniture decoration and architecture. There, all the designs are described to originate either from wood carvings or from facades of various buildings. As they were not painted originally, we have colored them in order to slightly highlight the details. We hope that, by doing so, their beauty has been revealed and your imagination awakened. The need for band designs is great, so we are pretty sure this collection of floral band designs will interest many of you! 
Within the 2D CAD file there is only the outline of designs, and within the vector files there are colour variants,  as well as  the outline of each design, so that you may paint them to your liking.
All the designs in the collection are under Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 3.0 Unported license
Select the file format that suits your needs and click on the link so that you can download these free floral band designs.