Curved band patterns

Curved band patterns

This is a set of four curved band patterns. All of them come from public domain books and have been converted to this useful set by using 2D CAD software.

As you can see in the picture, the curved band patterns consist of intertwined curved lines that are decorated in various points with thickenings, interruptions, etc. Each band pattern can be cut to a base segment, which can then be copied to create a band pattern of any length. According to this, we can conclude that, when drawing such patterns, it is enough to draw a curve of desired shape on a segment, decorate and paint it, and make a band pattern of desired length by copying it. The whole process of drawing such patterns is very easy to do in vector or 2D CAD software. As you can see in the picture, these are very beautiful patterns that can range from simple to quite complex ones (see the fourth pattern).

Due to their simplicity and curved forms, these band patterns are applicable to a variety of craft techniques. We hope that you got inspired to draw your own curved band pattern, but if you do not have the time or feel comfortable to, simply download one of the options given here, feel free to do so! Also, band patterns of this type can be easily turned into borders of various shapes, all you need to do is design and draw a corner based on the band pattern.

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Curved band patterns can be downloaded as 2D CAD sketch (dwg format) or vector illustrations (eps and svg formats).

Curved band patterns - dwg file format (661.51 KB)

Curved band patterns - eps file format (794.01 KB)

Curved band patterns - svg file format (829.24 KB)