In the category named ‘Decorative Elements’ there are a large number of different patterns intended for graphic designers and decorating various objects.

Since these particular decorative patterns are difficult to fit into any other existing category, you will find that the abovementioned category includes patterns of different complexity, drawing style and shape. Exactly because of their diversity, the given decorative elements make a very interesting collection. We hope that you will like them, too, and choose some favorites for yourselves. They come mostly from old books, magazines and typographic catalogs, and each is hand-drawn (traced). When you see a decorative element that you like, click on its image or title, and on the next page you will get a short text about it, accompanying download files, and a license setting out its terms and conditions of use. Please don’t hold it against us for the patterns have been painted so poorly; we don’t aim to sell them, you know, but rather draw as many quality decorations as possible to make them available to you. All decorative elements in this category are free of charge and can be downloaded quite easily. We only have to ask you one thing – check if you are allowed to use the pattern(s) for commercial purposes!


Five simple decorative elements that can be used in many ways in graphic projects as well as in handicraft.

Square designs are very often used for decoration, so we hope that this small collection of abstract square designs will tickle your imagination and that you will use at least one of them.

On this page you can download a collection of 11 typographic decorations that we named the Art ornaments.

Here you can download geometric 2D design that can be used to create a ceiling medallion.

Here you can download mathematical patterns that are created when drawing cardioids (6 examples resemble a chessboard and 6 are radial patterns).


In this collection of vector images you can find 25 well-drawn design elements related to multiple themes.

This is a large collection of ornamental Rosettes. In the collection you can find various types of rosettes: Acanthus rosettes, simple rosettes, palmette rosettes, etc.

On this page you can download a collection of 67 vectorized design elements. The designs are very simple and thus applicable in a variety of graphic and craft projects.

If you need a simple floral corner ornament, look at this one in the picture, it may satisfy your requirements.

On this page you can see an example of decorative art of the tribes that lived in the area around the Amur River.

On this page you can download a collection that contains 26 designs suitable for decorating plates.

Here you can download  Fibonacci number 2D patterns. All three of them are examples of integration of mathematics and nature.

Here you can download a large collection of simple design elements called “Gothic Tracery Design Elements” as they consist of gothic tracery patterns.

On this page of our website you can download four modern square designs that you can see on the picture.

In the collection which you can download here, there are 7 vector designs, which we called the “Ornament brushes”.

This is a collection of 6 stencil patterns that we called “Patterns for wall panel” as it was stated in the book in which they were found.


If you need a round geometric pattern for decorating, on this page we have provided one named 'Round architectural decorative element'.

There is a great need for round decorative patterns, so we decided to draw these three and offer them to you to apply them in your projects.

If you need a round pattern that doesn't belong to any style, then one of these four may be right for you.

On this page you can download scroll initial letters S and N. Both initial letters look like they are made of ribbon.


These are two simple rectangular geometric designs which, although composed of lines only, create a highly interesting visual effect.

Here you can download Spiral Hepta 2D Design. We drew it on the basis of a Celtic triskelion symbol.


If you appreciate beauty, we are sure that this ornament in the shape of a six-pointed star will attract your attention and inspire you to use it somewhere.

The swirl line designs that you can download here for free come from an old German book on decorative art and are more than 100 years old.