Feeding the seagull silhouette

Feeding the seagull silhouette
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The silhouette was inspired by a photo taken during our ferry journey a while ago. Tourist ferries are usually accompanied by flocks of seagulls that are hand-fed by the tourists. This silhouette depicts a woman feeding a seagull while still in flight. The flying skills of seagulls (especially the grown ones) withstanding air currents are really fascinating. They are expert fliers who have mastered control of wind and the sometimes high air turbulence created around the ships. Also, they have superb vision and are considered to be very intelligent, which is best seen when it comes to their feeding methods, including the bites they get from the tourists. 
We hope that you will find this silhouette interesting and inspiring, so feel free to use it if it happens to fit into a project of yours.
This vectorized illustration is under Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 3.0 Unported.
Seagull silhouette vector is available in .dwg, .eps, and .svg file formats
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