Floral border design

Floral border design

On this page you can download a floral border design of a vertical rectangular shape. This is a floral type border, and it is symmetrical as it consists of a single motif that is symmetrically copied with respect to the vertical axis of symmetry. The motif is drawn in such a way that one group of interlaced leaves is extending along the lower side, while the other group is vertically climbing, incurving at the top and extending along the upper side. There are several flowers in the upper half. Mirror copying of the motif with respect to the vertical axis gives you a rectangular vertical border with a large blank space where you can place a text or an illustration. The colors we used to paint this design have been chosen primarily as a contrasting feature to make its beauty and details clearly visible. Depending on what this design is meant for, we advise you to use its unpainted version contained in our files and color it in such a way to obtain harmony between the colors and design pattern. Thus the beauty of this old but elegant floral border pattern will be maximized, and it will be perfect decoration on invitations, advertisements, brochures, etc.
Download Floral border design for free in vector graphics file formats.

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Floral border vector design is available as usually in Autodesk (dwg) format, Encapsulated PostScript (eps) format and Scalable Vector Graphics (SVG) format.

Floral border design - dwg file (243.96 Kb)

Floral border design - eps file (577.71 Kb)

Floral border design - svg file (306.86 Kb)