In this collection of free patterns you can find floral designs of various styles, rosettes and designs whose main motif is nature, plants, trees...

In it you will find designs of different shapes (round, square, rectangular, symmetrical, rotationally symmetrical…), types (stencil, ornaments, borders…) and styles (Renaissance, Baroque...), with one thing in common to them all - the main flora motif depicting flowers and plants. Most of the designs come from illustrations found in old books. They have been manually traced in a vector or 2D CAD software; we have either drawn them ourselves or traced them from a variety of architectural details, old book covers, decorations on various items. Floral designs are among the most popular designs, so we have paid special attention to select the most beautiful ones, as well as to drawing quality.

As with all other categories, all the works published in this one will also be under Creative Commons Attribution licenses, and there will be 2D CAD (.dwg) and vector (.svg and .eps) file formats at your disposal.

Hopefully, you will find a design that you need in our category of floral designs,or simply feel inspired by what it is offering.


On this page you can download a simple pattern which we called the Ancient Greek crown ornament.

On this page you can download a beautiful design which we called the Art Nouveau cherry tree design.

 A set of three Art Nouveau floral designs created in 2D CAD software. The set contains two corner designs, and an Art Nouveau square design.

Here you can download a simple Art Nouveau motif. The motif is square in shape and we could freely call it a floral Art Nouveau motif.

Here we have put at your disposal a beautiful floral design that we call the Art Nouveau tulip design.

On this page you can download three artisctic rose designs designs drawn in stencil technique.

This is a set of four Bohemian ornamental designs. Designs are accurately drawn and we hope you will be able to use them as decorative elements.

Here you can download a corner border vector (see picture) called the brier stencil border vector.

In the picture you can see a free floral pattern named the 'Brushwork natural form'.

Here you can download a Chinese border ornament, which is rectangular in shape and composed of floral motifs.

Here is a collection of 3 Chinese flower designs  which can be downloaded in vector and 2D CAD file formats.

If you need to decorate a circular or square surface with a Chinese-style floral ornament, you’ve come to the right place!

This is a quality collection of free vector designs that contains 33 simple designs with floral motifs.

The picture shows the appearance of nine repeating patterns that you can download here, which we called the 'Floral frieze designs'.

Here is a collection of 20 horizontal stained glass patterns with floral motifs.


This is a collection that contains 11 rose designs. These stencils can be used by graphic designers as a design element, or by artisans for decorating various objects.

In the collection which you can download here you will find 52 vertical stained glass patterns with floral motifs.

Here we have put at your disposal a beautiful rectangular stencil design that we call the conventionalised rose design.

This is a collection of 26 ornaments found in a book that was used to train students how to draw ornaments freehand.

As you can see in the picture, you can download three stencil frame borders here which we have descriptively named 'Decorative floral borders'.

This small but beautiful 8-design collection is offered to anyone who needs some floral design elements drawn in the Art Nouveau style.

If you need a simple Damask rose design, feel free to download it on this page. The design was created based on an illustration discovered in an old magazine.

On this page you can download a floral border design of a vertical rectangular shape.

There is a high demand for frame border patterns, especially with floral motifs, so we present one here.