Graellsia Isabellae butterfly vector

Graellsia Isabellae butterfly vector
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Graellsia isabellae (or Spanish Moon Moth) is a moth (a group of insects related to butterflies ) that belongs to the silkmoth family Saturniidae. It is native to Spain and France and can be found in high-altitude pine forests of the Pyrenees and the Alps. Spanish Moon Moths are well adapted to cold environment, but cannot withstand extreme heat and prolonged drought.
Males have conspicuous, outwardly curved hindwing tails that are more than twice as long than in the females. Another distinctive feature of males are comb-like or feathery antennae, while females have thin, slender filamentous antennae.
Adult moths can be seen only at early summer when they emerge from overwintering cocoons. Females lay eggs on pines whose needles are their preferred food at larval stage. Within 1.5-2 months, caterpillars complete their development and migrate to the ground where they build cocoons in the thick mat of fallen needles. Here they transform to pupae and hibernate until the next spring when they eventually emerge as moths.
An actual colors of wings are pale green with veins outlined with reddish-brown e.g. this vector is not colored entirely authentic. 
We have vectored a male Moon Moth simply because males are more attractive than females.

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