Guilloche patterns for decorating

Guilloche patterns for decotating

Here is the set of four guilloche patterns that are suitable for decorating picture frames, mirrors and various other framed items. Also this guilloche patterns can be used as a border in your graphic projects.

The term “guilloche” is used in two ways:
- Guilloche is a decorative engraving technique in which a repetitive pattern is engraved into metal or other material by machine. This machine is called the Rose engine lathe and allows the engraver to engrave different types of patterns with great precision (flower patterns, convoluted patterns, symmetrical patterns, multi-lobed organic patterns...).
- The guilloche also means a pattern which can be obtained when two or more lanes intertwine around a series of regular central points. The central spaces which are obtained by drawing guilloche patterns can be empty or can be filled with decorative elements such as roses, ornaments, etc. The guilloche pattern can mostly be found as an architectural ornament of ancient Greek, Roman and neo-classical buildings. Although used for different types of decorating, the guilloche pattern is most commonly used in architecture.

These four guilloche patterns are geometrically correctly drawn in 2D CAD software. All four patterns are given in two forms. The first form is the corner pattern that has a closed end, and it can be used for decorating corners. The second form consists of segments of the patterns that you can use to make border patterns in any size.

License: Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported

Available vector formats: svg and eps
Available 2D CAD format: dwg

Guilloche patterns for decotating - DWG format (187.74 KB)

Guilloche patterns for decotating - EPS format (298.25 KB)

Guilloche patterns for decotating - SVG format (772.99 KB)