Haida designs

Haida designsThe Haida people are natives of North America and live on the Pacific Northwest Coast. They have been known for their very specific and unique artistic expression that continues to live today. Haida designs are usually expressed in carved items, woven products, tattoos, jewelry, basketry, etc.. Haida designs are inspired by nature and the most common motifs are animals. Haida style is still very popular because it is above all interesting and, due to its universality, it can be used in numerous ways.

This collection of 12 Haida designs has been created based on the illustrations from the books "The Haidah Indians of Queen Charlotte's Islands, British Columbia (Author: Swan, James G, 1874)"  and "The decorative art of the Indians of the north Pacific coast (Author: Boas Franz, 1897)"  and all the downloadable designs are more than 150 years old.

License: Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 3.0 Unported license.

The available files are: 2D CAD format (dwg); vector formats (svg and eps)

Haida designs - DWG 2D CAD format (1.87 MB)

Haida designs - EPS vector format (zip - 1.54 MB)

Haida designs - SVG vector format (4.4 MB)