Heraldic lion design

Heraldic lion designOn this page you can download a heraldic lion design. We have found this design on the cover of the old book “Heraldry as art: an account of its development and practice, chiefly in England” (published 1907, Author: George W. Eve).
The design is that of a rampant lion holding a flag with the Tudor Rose. It is made in stencil technique. The lion pattern reminds of those that can be seen in various medieval coats of arms and consists only of closed curves that are separate from the other pattern parts. For this reason, if you need only the lion design, you can easily get it by deleting all the other elements. Also, the Tudor Rose can be extracted and used separately in the same way.
The Heraldic lion design is under Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 3.0 Unported license
 If you like this heraldic design, you can download it in CAD (dwg) or vector (svg and eps) file formats.