Ibis pattern

Ibis Pattern – Ancient Egyptian Symbol On this page you can download a pattern in the shape of the ibis bird. Ancient Egyptians considered  the ibis to be sacred and an object of religious worship as it represented one of the oldest Egyptian deities, Thoth, who was usually depicted as an ibis-headed man. Thoth was the god of wisdom, knowledge and writing.  
Since ibises would arrive in Egypt just shortly before the Nile flooding, no wonder they were also considered the messenger or 'harbinger” of the annual flood. Farming in Egypt was dependent on the cycle of the Nile River, so it is not surprising that the Egyptians thought the ibis bird to be extremely wise (hence the connection to god Toth).
If you need a pattern of the Egyptian god Toth, follow this link: Toth pattern
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The ibis pattern is drawn in stencil technique and can be downloaded in either 2D CAD (dwg) or vector file formats (svg and eps).