Inlay table pattern

Inlay table patternThe inlay table pattern that you can download here is found on a tabletop dating from the Middle Ages. Inlay decorating technique is used for inserting contrasting or colored pieces into depressions in the surface for decoration. In this way patterns are obtained of a color different from the one on the surface to be decorated. Wood inlay technique is similar to marquetry technique, so laymen can easily get confused between these two terms. With the inlay small pieces are inserted in a base surface that remains visible, while with the marquetry the entire base surface area is covered with pieces of veneer. A desired pattern can be used for either of the techniques. The pattern that you are being offered here was originally intended for tabletop decoration, but it can be used in a variety of other ways as well.

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Like all 2D designs on our website, this inlay table pattern can be downloaded in the 2D CAD (DWG) and vector (EPS and SVG formats) formats.

Inlay table pattern - dwg format (424.4 KB)

Inlay table pattern - eps format (835.67 KB)

Inlay table pattern - svg format (453.89 KB)