Interlaced band patterns

Interlaced band patternsThis is a collection of seven interlaced band patterns. All 7 band patterns are simple in appearance and drawn using lines and circles only. Using other words, they could be also called simple geometrical band patterns. Simple band patterns like these are very easy to draw and can serve a variety of purposes, and you can quickly make borders of different shapes and sizes from them. The 7 patterns have been drawn in 2D CAD software because these types of band patterns can be drawn and modified very quickly and accurately in it. These patterns can also very well be used for carving or scroll saw wood cutting so that you can make wooden picture frames, some wall or furniture ornaments, etc.

We recommend that you download this pattern collection as you never know when your need may arise for such simple band patterns or borders. These interlaced band patterns may come in handy one day!


Interlaced band patterns can be used within commercial and personal design projects. License: Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 3.0 Unported license.


Available file formats: Autodesk (dwg), Encapsulated PostScript (eps) and Scalable Vector Graphics (SVG).


Interlaced band patterns - .dwg 2D CAD file format (61.77 KB)


Interlaced band patterns - .eps vector file format (185.78 KB)


Interlaced band patterns - .svg vector file format (225.64 KB)