Mosquito silhouette

Mosquito silhouette
Here you can download a Highly detailed Mosquito vector silhouette.
The silhouette is made in vector software based on a high-resolution mosquito image. It has been hand-traced with care in order to get the desired final result - a detailed mosquito silhouette you are shown in the picture above. Creating such silhouettes is easy, and the only thing you need is to be patient with the tracing. The drawing process begins by importing a high-quality image into a vector or 2D CAD software; next, a curve command is used to slowly draw the outline of the object, which is the most important part of drawing when it comes to the silhouette.
Mosquito silhouette vector comes in three different file formats: .dwg, .eps and .svg
License: Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 3.0 Unported

Mosquito silhouette vector is fully editable, just download it bellow, open the file in vector editing software and customize.

Mosquito silhouette - .dwg format (92.78 Kb)

Mosquito silhouette - .eps format (171.63 Kb)

Mosquito silhouette - .svg format (77.92 Kb)