Moulding profiles

Mouldings (moldings or coving) are decorative elements that are commonly used in architecture, interior design and furniture production. The mouldings are strips of material with various cross sections (profiles) used to cover gaps and joints or to create a decorative transition between surfaces. Mouldings are decorative rather than constructional features.
Most of the moulding profiles that will be available here are intended to decorate and/or finish room surfaces or pieces of furniture. The concept of moulding is often associated to the term 'trim'(or trimwork) that refers to the process of installing mouldings. For this reason, a finish carpenter is often referred to as trim carpenter.
There are many types of mouldings, such as: Astragal, Bead molding, Crown moldings, Cove moldings, picture mouldings...
All the molding profiles that you can download here originate from old catalogs of various manufacturers. As the old catalogs were mostly American, all the moulding profiles in this collection were drawn using imperial measurements (inches). If you have a 2D CAD program, they can be very easily converted to metric  units or modified, so you can obtain a design that suits you. 
As with all other categories, all the works published in this one will also be under Cca licenses, and there will be CAD and vector file formats at your disposal.