Collection of 2D repeating patterns available in three different file formats: vector (.eps, .svg) and 2D CAD (.dwg).

Repeating patterns occur when some shape regularly repeats itself until it completely fills a surface. When designing a repeating pattern we need to have a geometric plan that defines the repetition and the basic pattern itself that will be repeated according to the plan. There is a subcategory of repeating patterns called diaper patterns which occur when the basic pattern is applied within regularly arranged squares or other regular polygons. (triangle, lozenge...).

If repetition is linear i.e. along a line, such patterns are called Frieze patterns. Repetitive patterns are very much in use in architecture, textile industry...


If you need a simple repeating pattern suitable for the decoration technique of chip carving in wood, take a look at this one presented here, it may meet your criteria.

Here is a collection of 16 ancient antique patterns known under the names of Greek fret patterns, Greek key patterns and meander patterns.

Here are several designs for Ancient Greek meanders that should meet the requirements of almost any graphic designer.

This is a collection of eight meander border patterns, a very old but still usable frame borders.

On this page we present you with an abstract repeating pattern in the Art Nouveau style.

On this page you can download free Cairo pentagonal tiling pattern. Pentagons are not regular pentagons, their sides are different lengths.

Here you can download a simple but elegant repeating pattern that,  throughout history, has been used by other peoples, too, not just the Celts.

On this page you can download a collection of 16 Egyptian repeating patterns (mostly ceiling and wall decorations).

The counterchange pattern that you can download here is similar to a chessboard. It's a geometric repeating pattern and we found it in an old book.


Download free "Dragon in Clouds" vector pattern, a complex but beautiful Japanese stencil.

This is a set of two Egyptian repeating patterns (Egyptian tessellation). As you can see, both of these patterns are simple in appearance.

This is a collection of six repeating patterns suitable for the chip carving decorating technique.

This collection contains parametrically generated examples of all 17 wallpaper groups, and to make the differences between them more obvious, they were all generated using the same design element.

If you need an Arabic geometric pattern for decorating, on this page we have provided one named Faience mosaic from Karatay Madrasa.

Here you can download a simple flowing diaper pattern, a simple but interesting lattice pattern.

This is a set of three Geometric diaper patterns. All the patterns are simple, which is why they can be applied in various ways.

This is a collection of seven interlaced frieze patterns. All 7 frieze patterns are simple in appearance and drawn using lines and circles only.

Here you can download a simple but elegant interlaced oriental repeating pattern, a fine example of Arabic decorative art.

In the picture below you can see a free pattern named the Interlaced Saracenic repeating pattern.

This is an Italian Gothic fabric pattern (1200 A.D. - Saracenic influence), a fine example of medieval decorative art.

This is the collection of 5 Japanese pakwa diaper patterns. All patterns we found in an old book, and it's a shame to be forgotten on its pages.


This is an old Japanese repeating pattern that we found in an old book of textile design. The main motive of this pattern is a fish and wavy water.

Here you can download a simple pattern in the form of a jigsaw puzzle. The pattern is accurately drawn and you can use it to make jigsaw puzzle.

In the picture you can see a free pattern named the Lapita repeating pattern, a very old pattern that belongs to Lapita culture.