Here you can download a stencil pattern of a highly spectacular insect – the stag beetle. As its name says, this is a stencil pattern so it only consists of closed curves. The pattern is very simple and can be used for various purposes.

Stag beetles belong to insect family Lucanidae (order Coleoptera). Most species in this family are large insects, so they are easily spotted and well-known to most people - either from nature or TV shows about nature. They are usually 3 - 5 cm long, although some tropical species reach a length of up to 10 cm. They can fly though very slowly, and their flight produces a distinctive sound. During the night, they are attracted to light.


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Males of most species of this family have large showy mandibles (jaws) that resemble deer antlers. To some, these large jaws look intimidating and people are often afraid of them. In fact, they are quite awkward and dysfunctional and only serve to fight rivals - they have no strength to bite whatsoever. Unlike males, females of this insect type are a little smaller and have mandibles of normal size with which they c a n inflict a very painful bite if they feel threatened. Otherwise, the females are not aggressive at all.

These insects are useful in nature because they play an important role in recycling fallen trees in the forest. Namely, their larvae develop for several years by feeding on rotting wood. Adults, which can be seen only during 2 - 3 summer months, do not feed but take moisture from decaying fruits and tree sap with their tongue.

We dedicate this stencil pattern to stag beetles because they are, unfortunately, exposed to habitat loss and extinction due to forest destruction/deforestation. In many habitats, a decline in the number of stag beetles has been observed, and there are also countries where they are totally extinct.

This stencil pattern is a stylized depiction of a stag beetle because, it is not a life-like representation of this specific species. Even if you won't use this pattern, we hope you have read the above sentences to always remind you not to be afraid and not to kill these beautiful creatures. And we would like to remind you to try to protect the forest, too, and thus support the survival of these remarkable insects!


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Submitted by Ceh Jan


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