Stained glass patterns

In this category you can find a large number of stained glass patterns. Stained glass (Vitrail) is a glass panel made up of different colored glass pieces, artistically arranged and assembled with lead came.
The peculiarity of the works created with this technique is that the streaming of the sunlight or artificial light through the stained glass creates beautiful colors. For most of the history stained glass technique was used predominantly in the making of church windows. Today,  it is applied in 2D decorative glass panels and 3D objects such as lamp shades, chandeliers etc
Only 2D stained glass patterns will be published in this category, and you can use them to make: stained-glass windows and doors, various decorative glass panels etc.
Prior to use of any of the stained glass pattern from this collection, please check the license type it is under, as it may occur that it is not intended for commercial use. 
All the stained glass patterns will be available in universal vector file formats (svg and eps), as well as in .dwg file format which is the most commonly used 2D CAD format.