The stylus border vector

The stylus border vector

If you need a vertical rectangular scroll border pattern, here is one - more than 100 years old and called the ‘stylus border vector’. The stylus border vector comes from the book "American line type book, borders, ornaments, price list printing material and machinery", published in 1906 (Author: Daystrom, inc).
Its name is derived from the book in which it was discovered, and the word ‘vector’ comes from the fact that it was created in the free vector drawing software Inkscape. In appearance, this is a classic scroll border pattern. Similar patterns were very popular in the late 19th and early 20th centuries, i.,e., during the period of Art Nouveau style. The pattern is suitable for decorating the sides of books or magazines; it has a small horizontal rectangular blank space in the upper quarter of the pattern, and a large vertical blank space that takes up the remaining ¾ of the pattern. Think carefully about what to put inside this border pattern and you will surely be pleased with it. This is a very elegant scroll border pattern that, if applied correctly, will surely convey its elegance to your complete work/project.

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This border vectors is available in dwg, eps, and svg formats.

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