On this page you can download two vectorized panther illustrations the appearance of which you can see in the picture.

The word ’panther’ is used in the title because of how  these illustrations were named in the old books where they were found. In the illustrations here, you can see two jaguars (the Americas) or leopards ( Asia and Africa) with their recognizable yellow coats with black spots, and one black panther (which is the melanistic color variant of any big cat species). The illustration depicting only the head of the jaguar/leopard was found in the old French magazine “Arte et décoration“ from 1922. The other illustration is called “Panthers“, and it also originates from 1922. It was painted by Vasily Vatagin and depicts a black panther and a jaguar or leopard in a sitting position. Since the illustration is black and white, the jaguar/leopard fur pattern and the black color of the panther make a beautiful contrast and an interesting visual effect. Vasily Vatagin was a famous Russian and Soviet wildlife artist who was not only into drawing illustrations (especially illustrating books) but also sculpture and relief. The theme of all his works was mostly from the animal world.


Two vectorized panther illustrations
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The patterns are editable and you can import them into 2D CAD or vector software, change and color them, i.e., do with them anything that is needed for your project. Illustrations like these are not difficult to draw if you have a 2D CAD or vector program, although the drawing of the jaguar/leopard is time-consuming since there is a large number of spots each of which needs to be traced manually. In vector software, there is an option for automatic tracing of illustrations, which is only suitable for graphic projects and this is why we do not use it in our work - we try to make our vector patterns suitable for craft techniques and CNC machines as well.

The story about big cats is interesting and unusual. Panthera is a genus within the Felidae (cat) family which includes the lion, tiger, jaguar, leopard and snow leopard,  i.e. all five living big cats above may be considered panthers. Normally, the big cats’ coat is yellow or yellow with black stripes or spots, depending on the species. However, jaguars and leopards sometimes exhibit a genetic mutation called melanism (caused by excess black pigment melanin) which results in their coat to be black. These black individuals of both jaguars and leopards are called black panthers. Normally colored yellow-and-black kittens can be litter-mates with the black ones, regardless of the color of their mother. Melanistic individuals, or black panthers, are more common in regions of dense forest where light levels are lower, suggesting that melanism is a selective advantage for better camouflage.


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