If you need quality decorating patterns, carefully search this category of free vector patterns, and find a 2D pattern that meets your criteria.

This category contains a large number of patterns that:

  • craftsmen can use to decorate their products;
  • graphic designers can import and use in their graphic projects;
  • architects can use to decorate their projects
  • you can use it to model 3D decor models that you can make on a CNC machine or 3D printer.
  • ...

At the beginning of our work we used Inkscape vector software to draw patterns and designs, so many were drawn in it. Some time later we discovered that 2D CAD software was more suitable for drawing patterns, and we have used it for the last few years. No matter which software has been used to draw the patterns, both vector and 2D CAD file formats are available to you.

You can find quite a lot of different patterns on our website, and it takes a long time to view them all. To help you find the pattern you need, all the patterns have been classified in two different ways. Below this text there are pictures and captions of one way of categorizing, and by clicking on the “Free Vectors” link you can access the other classification. Clicking on an image or category title will bring you to a page with all the patterns that are in the chosen category. Clicking on the pattern you are interested in will bring you to a page where you can find a brief description of the pattern, its image, available file formats, download links and appropriate license.

All patterns are under Creative coomons Attribution licenses and can be freely used for personal purposes. If you want to use the patterns commercially, read carefully whether the relevant license allows it and, if so, under what conditions. We do not allow publishing of our 2D patterns on other websites and other media without our permission.


This page is dedicated to the decorative art of Ancient Egypt, so that all the patterns you can see here are millennia-old.

If you need an ancient Greek or Roman ornaments, why don’t you take a look at this vector patterns collection!? If you like what you see, feel free to download!

Since animals represent one of the most common decorative motif, in this category you will find a large number of animal designs.

Collection of hand traced Art nouveau designs. These Art nouveau vector designs are available in dwg, eps, and svg formats.

The vector flourishes offered here have all been created by hand-tracing of outlines of  flourishes found in some old books.

In this category we present you all kinds of Celtic design and pattern types which can be downloaded in a 2D CAD or vector form.

We have dedicated this category to Chinese and Japanese patterns, as well as to the patterns of all the peoples and cultures living in that part of Asia that have been around for thousands of years.

In this category, we have classified a large number of classic ornaments, i.e., ornaments that have survived for hundreds of years and have proven to be universally beautiful, recognizable and applicable in a number of ways.

In this category, you can find a large number of patterns designed for craftsmen and DIY enthusiasts to decorate their products.

In the category named ‘Decorative Elements’ there are a large number of different patterns intended for graphic designers and decorating various objects.

In this collection of free patterns you can find floral designs of various styles, rosettes and designs whose main motif is nature, plants, trees...

In this pattern category, we will be placing all the patterns generated using generative design or parametric design, i.e., patterns generated using algorithms and 2D or 3D CAD software.

This is a collection of free interlacing patterns that you can use in your craft and graphic projects.

Islamic decorative art has been one of the most beautiful throughout the history of human creation. This is why we decided to draw and offer you this collection of Islamic ornaments and patterns. 

If you need to cut a complex pattern on a laser cutter, take a look at this collection of free patterns, at least one of them may meet your requirements.

On this page, all lovers of medieval art can find a large number of ornaments created on European territories during the Middle Ages.

This category of our website is dedicated to ornamental border designs (borders, frieze patterns, frame patterns).

Collection of 2D repeating patterns available in three different file formats: vector (.eps, .svg) and 2D CAD (.dwg).

If you need free vector design suitable for scroll saw technique, this collection of free scroll saw patterns may satisfy all your requirements.

In this category we are going to publish illustrations that are suitable for conversion into vector or 2D CAD form.

This category of our website is dedicated to all those involved in carving who do not have the time to devise their own motifs to carve.