The plan for this Folding Beach Chair is made by the model of a beach chair from the 1920s.

Our model is almost a hundred years old, and the fact that his owners kept and used it for generations is the best proof that this beach chair remains contemporary and its time will never pass. This beach chair will fit by the pool side, in the garden or on the open porch. It is foldable, so it will be handy on the vacation by the sea or while camping by the river. Unlike plastic chairs – which are hard, uncomfortable and short-living – this beach chair will last at least 100 years. The only thing you would maybe like to do is to replace the fabric after several years. Choose some fabric with different color and you will have a brand new beach chair. The whole body is supported by fabric, which is attached onto a wooden frame only on the level of the feet and head, so the body is not in contact with the wooden frame and the fabric fully follows the line of the body providing maximal relaxation and comfort. The canopy provides protection from the sun, so the joy is complete. The chair has a comfortable rest for the feet, so you do not have to put your feet on the ground.


Beach chair plan
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for intermediate experienced woodworker
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Applied woodworking joints

The beach chair is being made out of wood, it is assembled with fasteners and the seat and canopy are from one piece of the fabric. Some of the construction joints are movable, so the chair can be adjusted to a sitting or semi recumbent position. Changing these two positions can be done easily – while sitting in the chair, simply by moving the body. You should set at the position that suits you the best. Also, it can be folded completely, so it is very practical for transport or to store it in a small space when not in use.

Since it is designed for the outdoor use, we recommend that you make it out of wood that can tolerate various weather conditions, such as Eucalyptus, Western Red Cedar, Teak or similar wood, which is characterized by hardness and resistance to bending and is water resistant as well. There are numerous types of wood, mostly hardwoods that tolerate outdoor conditions. Find out which wood type with these properties you can get, because there are cheaper, local species of wood suitable for this purpose. A good finishing (like some oil-based product - finish with a fungicidal additive which will eliminate or reduce discoloration or any damage caused by mildew growth) will further extend the lifespan of wood. We also recommend that you use stainless steel fasteners or fasteners made out of some kind of an alloy that does not rust.


Exploded view and parts list
Beach chair - Sub-assembly list
Assembly drawing
Beach chair - Assembly drawing


You should pay special attention when selecting material for the fabric. It must be made out of sturdy cloth that will successfully carry body weight and tolerate the exposure to various weather conditions. The fabric is attaching onto the chairs Upper and Lower Movable horizontal lath parts through fabrics hem that should be sewn firmly. The piece of cloth that lies on the Top horizontal lath (Part 19) should be firmly attached with, for example the Velcro, so the wind could not move the piece of the cloth that has function of a sunshade. There are special materials that are being used for this purpose (canvas fabric, acrylic fabric, spun polyester fabric, olefin fabric ...), so we recommend using some of them. Maintenance of the cloth is simple – just wipe it with the wet rag and leave on the draft to dry.

When you do not use the chair, store it in a dry place. You should always dry it thoroughly before the storage, so it would not get ruined by water and microorganisms that could damage it. It is recommended to protect a wood at least once a year with some water-resistant coating.


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Submitted by Ceh Jan