Here you can download a plan for making a Collapsible backyard seating set. The complete seating set is made from 32mm thick plywood.

Just to give you an indication, if you made it using wood species such as cherry or oak, it would weigh around 92kg. If you prefer your seating set to be lighter, then make it from thinner or lighter plywood or make holes in the Stretcher part, as you can see in the figure below (this makes the construction lighter by about 7kg). The collapsible backyard seating set made according to our plan is designed for gardens and courtyards, but also for camping or picnics if it is possible to transport it. All the parts are joined with interlocking and tab and slot joints, so that there are no fasteners or woodworking joints that need to be glued. If you make sure the seating set is protected well against environmental influences, you can keep it outdoors all summer long.


Collapsible backyard seating set plan
Project difficulty
Simple, requires precision
Skill level
for advanced beginners
Level of workshop equipment
Hobby - Hand tools and power tools
Laser cutter
Applied woodworking joints
Interlocking joint
Tab and slot joint

Collapsible backyard seating set size: H = 683mm (26 7/8''), L = 1600mm (63''), W = 1524mm (60'')


Assembly drawing
Collapsible backyard seating set - Assembly drawing
Part drawings
Leg part
Stretcher part
Seat part
Tabletop part


The whole structure is very simple and consists of only four different parts: a tabletop, leg (2 pieces), seat (2 pieces) and rail (4 pieces). Made according to the dimensions in our plan, this backyard seating set is designed for 4 people. It can be easily adapted to seat 2 or 6 people, but you should take into account that, if you extend the parts tabletop and rail, you should make a third leg part and mount it in the middle.

For assembly and disassembly only one person is required, though 2 people would do it a lot easier.

When you cut out the parts, make sure that you expand the slots a bit with sandpaper or a file for easier assembly.


Collapsible backyard seating set - Ergonomy

Collapsible backyard seating set - Ergonomy


In the previous picture you can see a side view of a male person (height 175cm, weight 80kg) sitting on a collapsible backyard seating set of dimensions as given in the plan. By changing the size and shape of the leg part, the seating set can be adapted to larger persons.


Download laser cutting file formats (.svg and .dxf) - Scale 1:1, Units:mm
Download project (high resolution images)

Submitted by Ceh Jan