This category of the website is dedicated to animal lovers. Here you will find free projects that will help you to make animal feeders, cages for breeding insects, aquariums, kennels, bird houses and the like.

Since our entire website deals with hobbies, the plans are related to the equipment for pets and wild animals, and to a much lesser extent to farm animals. These plans range from the simplest ones – the functional ones, intended for outdoors assembly, through practical, designed for your pets in the yard, to those with very high aesthetic value, such as aquariums, designed for the central place in your interior, which will attract any visitor's attention.

Most of the free projects, according to the plans in the category of Animal equipment plans, can be made of cheap, easily accessible materials that you often have in your workshop, or even from scraps. The plans themselves are generally quite simple for implementation and do not require too many skills, so that every animal lover who feels the need to make something for animals, can find an idea here. Our goal is that everyone who has the time and will, without much investment, can create something that will serve animals, and that the satisfaction for the invested work comes when they see that animals have accepted that and found it useful.


On this page you can find eight aquarium plans and brief guidelines on how to make and form aquariums.

On this page you can download  two plans that can help you make wooden insect cages, practical equipment for all entomologists.

On this page you can download the plan for making knock down dog house, a pleasant home for your four-legged friend.

With this plan, you can build a wild animal winter feeder, i.e., a feed holder that appears to be crucial for helping hungry animals survive when there is a lack of food in nature.

The animal equipment plans should primarily be functional in order to meet the needs of animals to which they are intended, but it is very important that they are safe and that they cannot injure animals. Special attention should be paid to this during the construction. Each compound must be strong enough, so that it would not fall apart and injure an animal.

People who love animals have a need to spend time with them, to feed them, provide them a shelter, and to protect them as much as they can. Since ancient times, people and animals have been closely related. Unfortunately, many species of animals are endangered nowadays - as species, which are threatened with extinction because of the loss of natural habitats or overhunting for profit, or as individual animals, whose natural habitats are altered by human activities and building process, and who nowadays can harder find shelter and food, and are often injured in settlements, by fences, on the roads... If we help even one animal to survive and raise offspring, we helped our planet and ourselves. Nowadays man has so much impact on the planet, that we no longer have the right to think that the nature itself will regulate everything it needs, or that someone else will help animals. We are a part of nature, and each and every one of us has to do all they can for animals.