In this category you will find a number of art and craft equipment and accessories projects, which you can make by yourself or have a craftsman make them for you.

We will try to include many forms of arts and crafts to this category and we hope that we will eventually complete this category with different kinds and types of easels, looms, pottery wheels, spinning wheels, and similar articles. Our art and craft projects can be used not just for a hobby, but for a serious engagement in the field of art or craft which can later turn into a business or a second job. The handicrafts, traditional craft, paintings and other art and craft forms are highly respected today, so that your hobby could easily become a source of income for your household.

The most kinds of art and crafts require knowledge, skills and patience, so it is natural to pass them to your children – this way, you will wake their passion for knowledge and creation and teach them patience, work ethic and creativity. If you have not been involved in any art or craft and have not got the necessary knowledge and experience, there are many books on arts and crafts on the market; also there are plenty workshops that organize classes, so you can learn the basic skills, and with our accessories you could continue to work at home.


Here we are presenting a simple project that will allow you to quickly create a simple and practical A frame tripod easel.

By this plan you can make a tripod easel that can serve nicely to both professional and amateur painters.

A H frame folding tabletop easel made by this free woodworking plan has the option to regulate the inclination of the working surface during painting.

The easel that we present in this plan is tripod type of easel - it has three legs which are connected at the top with the bolt.

On this page, drawings are available for you with the help of which you can make an essential tool in painting – the painting palette.

Here you can download a plan for making a traditional Potter's wheel, an appropriate tool for all hobbyists or professionals involved in pottery.

By following this free woodworking plan you can make a simple but very functional easel that has a triangular base and stands firmly on the working surface.

We give you here the free plan of an authentic functional castle spinning wheel, a convenient tool to start spinning yarn.

Here you are presented with a plan according to which you can make Spiral wrought iron easel.

The soap mold is one of the basic tools used by every soap maker. In this project, you are presented with three soap mold plans:

In our Free patterns category you can find a large number of motives, which you can include in your work; and in the Free books category, you can find a large number of free old books in which you can find all the necessary knowledge. Our Art and craft equipment and accessories plans are suitable for various vocational schools – for example, the students who are into Woodworking could use these plans to make necessary accessories for students who are learning how to weave; this way ones will get experience and the others necessary equipment. Manufacturing most of these projects requires woodworking and metalworking skills, knowing basic technical drawing (to understand the plans), and also workshop with necessary hand tools and power tools. Most of the projects that can be made by our plans can be also used by professional artists and craftsmen.

The art and craft are deeply rooted in the hearts of man since the earliest history of mankind. These activities of primitive man are the only traces of what he left for us to see, and based on those traces we can imagine the life of people in the past, what were they occupied with and what things were important to them. Throughout the human history and until the time of an industrial revolution craft was the only way to manufacture equipment. Today, when industry took over the production, crafts are slowly disappearing. Manufactured products are much respected, but the number of people who are making them decrease from day to day. And those who are manufacturing these kinds of products mostly do this as a hobby. On the other hand, art is developing rapidly – since this is something deeply rooted in us and almost everyone has a period in life when he/she feels a strong need to express himself through art. Those who are talented often never get out of this stage, and they are involved in art even if it does not bring them any financial benefit.

In the fields of art and crafts the man can get involved in the most diverse activities. This requires understanding, mastering and combining of many skills, and the common thing of art and crafts is that they enable the creation of beautiful and useful products by our own hands, requiring an investment that worth much less than the value of final product, allowing freedom of expression, and the result of the work is always unique. Time dedicated to some kind of art or crafts is always well spent because it brings challenge and inspiration, introducing us to one special world and makes tranquility; bringing personal satisfaction when the result of work is seen.

Today’s lifestyle is exhausting, so most of the people come home from work tired and then relax in front of the TV or computer. Fortunately, there are still a large number of people who find peace for their soul in some kind of art or crafts. Involving in art or craft means a distraction from the problems; it is relaxing, allows expression of creativity and satisfies the need to create. Dealing with the art or craft in most cases requires use of some equipment and various accessories.