Here is a plan for the making of a simple garden wooden seating set that can be made in a couple of afternoons.

The seating set consists of 2 small tables and 4 chairs. The tables are almost the same height as the chairs and sufficiently strong to sit on (in case you need a larger seating capacity). It is simply a small seating set that you can place in a corner of your yard/garden and spend some relaxing moments with friends or family there, chatting over coffee or drinks. Obviously, it is not suitable for serving food.


Garden wooden seating set plan
Project type
Project difficulty
Simple, requires experience
Skill level
for advanced beginners
Level of workshop equipment
Hobby – Hand tools, power tools and machines
Applied woodworking joints
Mortise and tenon joint
Drawboring (pegging or pinning)
Butt joint reinforced with glue

Table: L: 460mm (18.11''); W: 600mm (23.62''); H: 395mm (15.55'');    

Chair: L: 460mm (18.11''); W: 480mm (18.9''); H: 400mm (15.75)

In the drawings you can see the layout and dimensions of all parts, the drawing and exploded view of the assembly, and the parts list. All parts are interconnected by gluing, and the axle part is optional – even if you choose not to use it, the adhesive will provide sufficient strength to all existing joints in the tables and chairs. If it is easier for you, make the legs with a circular cross-section.

Perhaps the design of this seating set is not top-notch, but its simplicity, durability and sturdiness will be more than enough to justify its making. No doubt it will be of practical use, even as a small ladder, because both the table and chair can very easily withstand the weight of the person standing on it.


Exploded view and parts list
Garden wooden seating set - Parts list
Assembly drawing
Chair assembly drawing
Table assembly drawing


You can use both softwood and hardwood to make it, and the most important thing is to protect your entire seating set from the impact of weather conditions. If you think the design is too simple, there are many surfaces that can be decorated in carving technique. This will surely make your seating set look nicer and give your yard or garden a good makeover.


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Submitted by Ceh Jan