If you want to make the simplest possible coffee table that is also collapsible, here you are presented with such a construction.

It consists of only three interlocking parts and it is quite  easy to disassemble; when disassembled, it takes up very little space on a shelf, next to the wall, in the car, etc.

Due to the above features, this type of table can be used for various purposes: you can place it very quickly wherever you want (e.g., on the terrace, in the yard) or use it inside the house as an auxiliary table depending on your needs. Since it belongs to collapsible furniture, it can be easily transported by car together with a collapsible stools, especially when you go camping or want to spend some time on the beach.


Knock down coffee table plan

This project was drawn using the free 3D CAD software FreeCAD.

Project difficulty
Skill level
for advanced beginners
for DIY enthusiasts
Level of workshop equipment
Laser cutter
Applied woodworking joints
Interlocking joint
Tab and slot joint

Dimensions of the completed coffee table according to our plan are as follows: 558 (1’ 9+31/31’’) x 400mm (1’ 3+3/4’’) x 400mm (1’ 3+3/4’’).


The good feature of this coffee table is that it is small, so you don't have to disassemble it every time you don't need it - it will fit quite well into an empty room corner. Thus it won’t get in your way and can even serve to hold something on it or as a stool/tabouret if you are not too heavy.

We recommend that you make the parts from plywood and then cut them on a band saw machine, using a jig saw or laser cutter. If you choose to do it with a laser cutter, we recommend that you decorate parts 1 and 2 with a scroll saw pattern. That way, your coffee table will become a real masterpiece (see picture above). However, if you don't have a laser cutter, but you still want to achieve super results, you will need the talent for drawing because the coffee table has very large free flat surfaces tempting you to paint something beautiful on them.


Assembly drawing
Knock down coffee table plan - Metric (mm) version
Knock down coffee table plan - Imperial version

Based on how you decide to cut the pieces, you will have the following at your disposal:

  • drawings of each part, with all the dimensions needed so that they can be manually transferred to stock;
  • contours of parts in 2D CAD and vector formats that can be used for cutting with a laser cutter and
  • 3D model that can be used to redesign the coffee table to your liking
  • high resolution images of drawing


Download laser cutting file formats (.svg and .dxf) - Scale 1:1, Units:mm
Download project (high resolution images)

Submitted by Ceh Jan