In this plan we represented two examples of Multiple silhouette puzzle, but from the explanation below and drawings, it is clear that you can invent new versions of this puzzle.

The choice of the shape of the hole is not limited to simple geometric shapes (circle, square, Greek cross ,etc.) but also more complex shapes may be used, like letters… Multiple silhouette  puzzles are also known as plug and shadow puzzles. They are simple puzzles suitable for children because they present exercise  of visualization of 3D space of exceptional quality.


Multiple silhouette puzzle plans
Project type
Project difficulty
Simple, requires precision
Skill level
for school classes and beginners
Level of workshop equipment
Basic hand toools

Blocks: 51mm (2'') x 127mm (5'') x 19mm (3/4''); Plug 1: D 31mm (1.22'') x H 31mm (1.22''); Plug 2: D 32mm (1.25'') x H 32mm (1.25'')


Multiple silhouette puzzles consist of a wooden block on which are cut holes of various shapes and a plug that has a shape which will allow it to go through each hole. The aim of the puzzle is that the child finds a means of pulling the plug through every hole.


Multiple silhouette puzzle - Version 1
Multiple silhouette puzzle (Version 1) - Block drawing
Multiple silhouette puzzle (Version 1) - Plug drawing
Multiple silhouette puzzle - Version 2
Multiple silhouette puzzle (Version 2) - Block drawing
Multiple silhouette puzzle (Version 2) - Plug drawing


Multiple silhouette puzzles are easy to make and are suitable for woodworking classes in schools. With the production of these simple puzzles, the child will learn:

  • how to precisely transfer on the wooden  block  the shape that needs to be cut
  • how to cut just inside the layout lines to allow for final sanding to size
  • how to sand wood.

These puzzles are very nice samples by which you can demonstrate orthogonal and isometric projections and use them in classes of Mechanical drawing or planar and solid geometry.

Nowadays, when most children spend time in front of computers, the production of these puzzles is a suitable way to arouse interest in developing practical skills or to train visualization of space by inventing new versions of this puzzle.


Download project (high resolution images)

Submitted by Ceh Jan