On this page you can download free furniture making project according to which you will be able to make a nice and convenient piano bench.

Piano bench is used for sitting while playing the piano. The piano stool serves for the same purpose, but because of its dimensions, piano bench has several advantages. Piano bench is more pleasing from the artistic standpoint. Its length can be adjusted for two people, so they can play simultaneously. The height of piano bench depends on the distance of the piano keys from the floor and from length of arms and trunk. The longer the trunk, the lower the bench should be. The longer the upper arm, the higher the bench should be. Since the piano bench in our plan is non-adjustable type of the piano bench, you might want to customize it to the needs of a person that will use it. The height of piano bench in our plan is 565 mm (22 1/4in), but by shortening or extending the side part (part 1), you can easily get the required height. Usually the height of piano bench ranges from 480 to 585mm (19 do 23in).


Piano bench plan
Project type
Project difficulty
Skill level
for intermediate experienced woodworker
Level of workshop equipment
Hobby – Hand tools, power tools and machines
Applied woodworking joints
Keyed mortise and tenon joint
Drawboring (pegging or pinning)

H = 565 mm (22 1/4''), L = 1087mm (42.8''), W = 381mm (15'')


The part side (Part 1) in our Piano bench plan has a pattern, which can be made with the scroll saw technique. This pattern can be also made according to your wishes and imagination. And instead of a scroll saw pattern, you can create motifs on this part with a chip carving technique that will decorate your piano bench and add your personal touch to it.

This bench is also suitable for other musicians, like guitarists, harpists and percussionists, who play their instruments in a sitting position. This bench is beautiful and universal, so it can be made as a part of household furniture, even if no one is into playing music. It will fit nicely into any interior decorated in classical style with lots of wood. It is suitable for kitchen, living room or porch.


Exploded view and parts list
Piano bench - Parts list
Assembly drawing
Piano bench - Assembly drawing


The wooden piano bench will look the best if you make it out of the same wood as the piano. And you should pay special attention to this, because the most beautiful combinations of the furniture are the ones that merge and do not differ from each other. Well adapted color and texture of wood and quality of manufacture makes these two subjects to act as one, and do not attract attention with inharmonious appearance. This way, only the music and its performer will be noticed, and not something that has no place in music.

Pianos can be made out of the several different types of wood, such as Birch, Mahogany, Spruce, Maple, Hornbeam, Beech or Bass Wood so you should also make your piano bench out of these wood types. Since the piano is often covered with paint it is important to paint the piano bench so that the color and luster match with the piano look.

Practicing the piano play usually lasts for hours. Therefore, a wooden seat can be extremely uncomfortable (especially for skinny people) and over time can lead to extreme discomfort from what we call the "sore bum" syndrome. Because of this, the seat should be padded to be comfortable. Padding is quite important detail that should be planned while making the wooden piano bench. Another alternative is to make a bench cushions for additional comfort.

Seat measurement: Piano benches can be single or duet.  Our seat length is 1087mm (42.8 in), so it is suitable for playing duets. Width is 381mm (15in), so it is sufficient for comfortable sitting.


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Submitted by Ceh Jan