This webpage contains drawings and instructions for the making of a wooden ship wheel, which is a beautiful decoration for any wall.

The ship wheel is a very beautiful wooden device, on the one hand it has practical value on ships and on the other hand it can be a beautiful element decorating the wall in a room, a bar, a restaurant ... This is especially true for ship wheels that used to be made earlier. If you do not have the option to get an old ship wheel, you can make a similar one according to this plan.


Ship wheel plan
Project difficulty
Medium, requires precision
Skill level
for intermediate experienced woodworker
Level of workshop equipment
Professional (Quality hand tools, power tools and machines)
Applied woodworking joints

D 1110mm (43.7in) x H 78.5mm (3.09in)

The ship wheel consists of wooden and metal parts. Since this is an ornamental object, use some wood with nice texture and non-ferrous metals or their alloys (copper, brass, bronze...). The design of this project is simple, and the project itself aims to show what a ship wheel construction looks like. Based on the information from this plan, you can very easily redesign the already given construction, or find a picture of an old ship wheel on the Internet that you like and then try to make it based on the construction shown in our plan. 
Exploded view and parts list
Ship wheel - Parts list
Assembly drawing
Ship wheel - Assembly drawing


The diameter of the ship wheel finished according to this plan is 1110mm (43.7in); if you need to increase/decrease it, carefully examine the drawings to make it easier for you to adjust the dimensions of the parts to your chosen sheep wheel diameter. If you make a ship wheel according to our plan, it will be nice of you to find the time and send us the pictures so that we can share them with all the visitors of our website! 


Download project in PDF file format
Download project (high resolution images)

Submitted by Ceh Jan