Spinner Game for Kids

The spinner is a children's game whose plan has been found in several old books that dealt with the woodturning technique. All game parts are made of wood and you need a lathe to create them. You have to make a container (bowl), 10 balls and a spinning top. The shape and size  of the container and the top are the same as in the original plan.  However, it is possible to redesign them to your liking, of course.
Spinner Game for Kids - Woodturnig project

- Put all the balls in the container.
- Spin the top in it.
- During rotation, the top (spintop) will collide with the balls rolling in the container and finally the balls will fall into the holes.
- The winner is the one whose top throws the most balls into the holes.

The spinner is rather a game of chance than a game of skill. All you need to know is how to spin the top, and the outcome of the game does not depend on the players. This type of game can be great fun for children since it will keep them amused for hours and also show them that there are various forms of entertainment other than computer games and TV.

Spinner Game for Kids - 2D drawing
Spinner Game for Kids - 2D drawing

This is an ideal plan for all who are into woodturning and like making gifts for kids. The spinner game is a great gift for your grandchildren or your neighbors' children.

This toy is by no means intended for children under 3 years of age as it contains small parts that can be very dangerous if swallowed, or if they get stuck in the airways. The spintop also has sharp parts which  can hurt the children. Since this game requires formed motor skills by itself, therefore it is not intended for very small children.

We hope you will like this plan. Please do not hesitate to send us pictures of the finished Spinner games made by you, so that we can publish them in our SHOWROOM category.