Here you are presented with a plan according to which you can make Spiral wrought iron easel.

This beautiful wrought iron decorative easel is also a multifunctional floor easel that will compliment any home décor and add an elegance and touch of antique style to the space. It will suit best as a display easel for your art studio, home, office or art café while holding your favorite painting or drawing.  And if you plan to advertise some kind of event, easels clean lines and spiral ornaments will surely draw attention to poster, advert or sign that you display.


Spiral easel plan
Project type
Project difficulty
Skill level
for advanced beginners
Level of workshop equipment
Basic hand toools
Welding machine


A display easel like this one can very well serve as a mirror stand. The mirror positioned on the easel can be either framed or frameless (the latter, in case it is made of thicker glass). In the picture you can see that it is of simple design, with little decoration, so it is up to you to decorate it with additional decorative spiral elements made from wrought iron.

The complete easel is made of metal rods (10mm (8-10mm) thick concrete reinforced wire). It is easy to make it, so that even beginners with a little practice can embark on the project. The scrolls that you can see at the ends of the parts are the most difficult to make. For this, you will need a scroll bender, which you can either buy or make yourselves. There is a lot of information on the Internet on how to make wrought iron scrolls and suitable bending tools. When you finish all the parts, weld them together according to the drawings found in the plan. Grind the welded beads to look smooth, paint the construction with primer paint, and then paint the whole easel a color you like. The easel dimensions can be easily adjusted to your space; in the same way you can also make a small desktop easel for holding photo frames. All you need to do is decrease the parts dimensions and choose thinner wire.

Exploded view and parts list
Spiral easel - Parts list
Assembly drawing
Spiral easel - Assembly drawing


Lastly, we would recommend that you somehow tie the front and back legs for more stability, particularly if you want the easel to hold a valuable painting/artwork, or if you intend to place it on a smooth surface as its legs may slip. By doing so, you will prevent the risk of any possible damage to your painting.

If you need plans for making wooden easels, you can find them in a special category of our site.


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Submitted by Ceh Jan