Here you are given a plan for making a Squat Rack, which can also be found under the names Peg Squat Rack, Squat Gun Rack or Incline Squat Rack.

A squat rack is a piece of weight training equipment that functions as a mechanical spotter for free weight barbell exercises.

Squat rack plan
Project type
Project difficulty
Medium, requires experience
Skill level
for DIY enthusiasts
for intermediate experienced metalworker
Level of workshop equipment
Hobby - Hand tools and power tools
Welding machine

W 1470mm (57.87'') x D 1688.5 (66.47'') x H 1649.5mm (64.94'')


In addition to the main function of the squat rack to hold the barbells and barbell plates, its essential role is your safety. While exercising with barbells, in the case of muscular fatigue or other loss of control of the bar, the weights can be put away quickly and safely.

Key features:

  • walk In Squat Rack
  • add mass and power to the upper and lower body. Ideal for performance training, powerlifting and bodybuilding
  • multiple Bar Rests. Five main racking positions. Five secondary racking positions 
  • heavy-duty squat rack.
  • remains stable and wobble-free during the heaviest barbell training sessions.
  • loading and unloading the bar quick and easy.
  • multiple pegs are designed to offer a variety of bar heights to accommodate users of all sizes for different lifts such as squatting or shoulder pressing.


Exploded view and parts list
Squat rack - Parts list
Assembly drawing
Squat rack - Assembly drawing

The construction consists of interconnected welded pipes, and in order to handle it more easily, it is possible to disassemble the construction into sub-assemblies by unscrewing the screws.

Compared to the power rack, the squat rack occupies less space, it is cheaper but not as safe, and it allows fewer exercises to be performed than on the power rack.


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Submitted by Ceh Jan