If you have a lot of ties and no space where to keep them in the closet, these three plans will help you to quickly make practical tie hangers.

The tie hangers are attached to the rod in the closet where you keep your suits/clothes. Each of them can hold several ties that will be neatly arranged and will not crease.


Tie hanger plans
Project difficulty
Skill level
for kids learning the woodworking and beginners
Level of workshop equipment
Home – basic hand toools
Laser cutter

Thickness 5 - 8mm (3/16 - 5/16'')


Based on our drawings, you can design your own tie hanger with either a different shape or more grooves to organize and access your ties easily.


How to make these tie hangers:

  1. Make a full-scale patterns from the Tie hanger drawings (below) by photocopying or re-drawing them.
  2. Transfer the patterns to your stock and cut out all contours with your Band-saw, coping saw or laser cutter.
  3. Sandpaper all the surfaces smooth, and apply the finish of your choice.
Tie hangers - Drawings
Download laser cutting file formats (.svg and .dxf) - Scale 1:1, Units:mm
Download project (high resolution images)

Submitted by Ceh Jan