Turning stools - Free woodturning plans

This wood turned stools set includes six variations of exquisite sculptural shaped stools. Most simple one is mushroom stool that can fit perfectly into contemporary furniture.  There are also two chess piece stools, perfect as the kitchen furniture, or as a bar stools, as well as all the other pieces in the wood turned stools plan. For their simplicity and elegance, these backless stools can be placed anywhere in your home, they can also serve as a small wood turned tables, or simply as a decor furniture that will refresh and give that artistic touch to your home interior or working area.  You can use many kinds of wood for making these stools, but we recommend you to purchase some wood with nice texture like ash, walnut, oak, maple etc.     

Please, click on the 2D drawing images to view the larger version.

If you want to make some of these wooden turning stools, you should put the concave top, and if you want to use this object as a woodturning table, you will need the flat top.
Turning stool plans

Turning stools plans ( PDF ) - Pages 13, 473Kb

Turning Stool - Variant 1

Turning stool plan - Variant 1

Turning stool drawing - Variant 1

Turning Stool - Variant 2
Turning stool plan - Variant 2

Turning stool drawing - Variant 2

Turning Stool - Variant 3
Turning stool plan - Variant 3

Turning stool drawing - Variant 3

Turning Stool - Variant 4
Turning stool plan - Variant 4

Turning stool drawing - Variant 4

Turning Stool - Variant 5
Turning stool plan - Variant 5

Turning stool drawing - Variant 5

Turning Stool - Mushroom Stool or Mushroom Table
Mushroom stool plan

Mushroom stool drawing

Turning stools plans ( PDF ) - Pages 13, 473Kb